Soul Fuel Sunday's

Fuel your soul with the good stuff!

  • 70 minute workout

  • 20 minute guided meditation

  • 30 minute social connection in studio with unlimited tea from Madame Flavour & delicious treats from Clean Eats & Health Treats


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Please note the workout/session style varies and each Soul Fuel Sunday (SFS) is unique, details for the current SFS can be found below.

Soul Fuel Sunday 

April 19th 2020

Pilates Punch Workout

Abs & arms on fire!!! Join Sammy for a killer workout, combining Pilates & boxing. Smile through 40 minutes of pilates exercises focusing on creating abs of steel, with alternating sets of air boxing for a cardio twist.  This abdominal blasting workout will have your core muscles switched on, shoulders burning (minus the impact of boxing with a parter!) & your heart rate raised for maximum fatburning fitness


Soul Fuel Sunday 19/04/20

Guided Meditation

You've worked so hard and now it's time for a reward. Settle into your mat and follow Sammy as she guides you through a 20 minute relaxation. Rejuvenate your mind and body to leave yourself feeling like you're floating on cloud 9. 


Soul Fuel Sunday 19/04/20

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Enjoy a beautiful transition from 40 minutes of Pilates Punch into a fluid yoga-like dance. Elongate your limbs and gradually raise your heart rate as you float from one pose to the next. This vinyasa series will have your body glistening with sweat and your soul shining from within.


Soul Fuel Sunday 19/04/20

Social Connection

Too often we race in and out of class without the chance to connect with those around us. With unlimited tea by Madame Flavour and delicious treats from Clean Eats & Healthy Treats, take time to connect with one another. Improve your confidence and happiness, ultimately reducing stress with our Soul Fuel Sunday.


Soul Fuel Sunday 19/04/20



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